Friday’s pizza night!


Friday’s pizza night!



On Fridays there’s a tradition we’ve had at home for quite some time. It involves two things we love. Pizza and movies.

Come to think of it, mostly all of our traditions at home revolve around food. From Sunday waffles to poached eggs over bagels with herbed cream cheese and smoked salmon for Isa and Gaby’s birthdays. A personal favourite – “egg night” where Gaby makes us the best scrambled eggs with cheese on nights I’ve landed tired from a long flight, and on Fridays, when the weather starts getting cold, it’s pizza night accompanied by a good movie.

Now, making your own pizza is a pretty fun thing go to, especially if you have an extra set of hands that want to help you cut vegetetables and grate cheese. However, on a Friday night after a long week, ordering in ? Yes please!!!

For our last pizza night, we tried Panago’s veggie Mediterranean pizza. The toppings were so fresh! Passata tomato sauce, fire roasted tomatoes, kalamata olives (insert happy dance here) red peppers, baby spinach, mozzarella and feta (another happy dance here too!). This pizza is pretty much my idea of heaven.

Panago has a selection of meat, shrimp and vegetarian toppings for their pizzas. For vegetarians, the options don’t end with your regular 3 ingredient veggie pizza. Panago has 9 different options, including a vegan one. On my list to try next is their Veggie Korma. They have a gluten-smart dough and offer Daiya cheese for those that want to opt out on dairy but still enjoy pizza tastiness.

Their menu highlights the flavours of around the world. They use Canadian cheese and all their salads are made to order. To make things even better, the dough is made in store daily.

I truly love supporting local businesses, especially those who give back and help their community- and did you know they’re Canadian?! Panago not only makes deliciously fresh pizzas, but supports Children’s literacy programs, amateur youth sports, and active voluntarism. Initiatives that are dear to my heart, and so are family traditions. Cheers to pizza night!

*Sponsored by Panago. All views are my own.


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