The sweetest season.


The sweetest season.

I’ve always loved chocolate. I was that kid choosing chocolate ice cream over vanilla all the time and going for chocolate cake after piano practice. My mom would pick me up and we would drive to this 50’s inspired cake shop where we would sit and share a slice before going home. Those afternoons were memorable, and the beginning of forming a family tradition.

Chocolate was also part of Christmas eve at our home, where after dinner, my cousins and I would open a box and fight over the cherry cordials. 


Later on, while I lived in Mexico City, I decided to pursue my dream of attending Le Cordon Bleu and immersing myself in their pastry program. My love for chocolate grew even more when I started learning about the fine art of chocolate making. Hours tempering it to perfection, making flavoured ganache to fill them with, painting the molds, and patiently waiting for the chocolates to be set.

Being taught by French chocolatiers meant the results needed to be perfect. This gave me a deep appreciation for well crafted chocolates and for the ingredients used. As I get ready to celebrate the holidays, I’ve chosen Ganong chocolates to have at our dessert table on Christmas Day, and also to gift to family and friends.

Always on the lookout for Canadian made products, Ganong is Canada’s oldest family owned and operated chocolate company. Originated in New Brunswick in 1873. Innovators at heart, Ganong has such an exciting line of products! My favourite (one that I could eat year around) is their Chocolatier premium box with 13 beautifully crafted chocolates, ranging from dark, milk and white. Some filled with ganache, others  fruit (the white chocolate and cranberry one is out of this world) while others are topped with nuts. My favourite is the chocolate and sea salt truffle. The stuff that dreams are made of 🙂

Holidays are for traditions and this Christmas will be sweet indeed!


*This post was done in collaboration with Ganong chocolates. All opinions and views are my own.



  1. Sweet words. I couldn’t have said it better. Ganongs has been bringing wonderful Christmas memories to a lot of Maritimers.

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