A new way to travel


A new way to travel

Traveling plays such a big part in my life. Each month I visit different cities around the world where I spend time getting to know each culture, walking as much as I can. Some would say that means I’m having several coffees and shopping a bit too much (I call it supporting the local economy, right?),

Whether it’s visiting the markets in Barcelona, the thermal baths in Budapest, gelato shops in Venice or my favourite Cafe in Dublin, experiencing each city and its local gems, is beyond inspiring to me. A true source of happiness.

When I get to my destination, the first thing I do is try to find an ATM to withdraw money for my stay. Now, for someone who, like me, travels quite often, ATM fees can add up very quickly.

Always on the lookout for ways to simplify travel, I decided to try the new CIBC Air Canada AC Conversion Prepaid Visa Card. It’s the only prepaid card where you can load up to 10 currencies (from US and Canadian dollars, to Euros and British pounds, just to name a few) allowing you to have funds for all the trips you’ve planned. The card can be used in 45 countries. You can also use it online, in stores and restaurants (which is obviously where I’ll be using mine the most!)



The card is a way to make travel less stressful. You can get to your destination without having to line up at an ATM or worry that your credit card won’t work. With the CIBC AC Conversion card, travel becomes much easier. One card, 10 currencies and no stress.

You can also have access to your card info by using its mobile app where you can view exchange rates, top up your card with additional funds, check your balance and move funds between different currencies!

So on my recent trip to Lima, shopping list in-hand, I took my new prepaid card for a few swipes (taps, too!).

I used it at my favourite brunch spot in the city, where the bread is baked on site every day. I also went shopping for presents at an artisan market to buy a few Alpaca blankets, had dinner at a restaurant I have wanted to visit for the longest time, and found a new coffee shop I fell in love with (where there’s coffee… I’ll be there!)

The trip went amazing and using my card at different places went smoothly. Hard not to get excited with a card that helps you budget for your trip, because once you load it with currency at the market price of the day, you don’t have to worry about fluctuating rates while you travel.

Traveling is about enjoying each city to its fullest, immersing yourself in it, trying the local food and discovering its neighbourhoods. It’s also about finding ways to make your stay comfortable, and stress-free.

My new CIBC Air Canada AC Conversion Prepaid Visa Card has helped with that. Hands down my new travel essential.

*This post was done in partnership with CIBC. However, all views and opinions are my own.


    1. For me, the best feature of this card is the ability to budget expenses in travel. All the best on your son’s trip!

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