It’s a Ganong Christmas!

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It’s a Ganong Christmas!

In a few days the girls, Warren, and I will be travelling to the Dominican Republic to spend Christmas with my family. It’s been two years since our last visit so I couldn’t be more excited. In preparation for our trip, I’ve been putting together a few presents  to bring home for Christmas Eve, which is when my family celebrates with a delicious dinner. Everyone brings along a traditional dish, and we share dessert, fresh fruit and decadent artisanal chocolate to finish it all off.

This week, I’m making a big batch of my Maple Spiced Granola, as everyone asks for it before we travel home. What’s different this year, is that I’m bringing a little piece of Canada with me (the sweetest one too). A whole assortment of Ganong chocolate to share with the family after our Christmas dinner- a Canadian touch I know they’ll love. Ganong Chocolates became a part of our Christmas celebration two years ago, when we would share boxes of their Chocolatier collection with friends who would visit for the holidays.

We also added chocolates to our stockings, and from then on, a tradition was born. What makes me so loyal to the Ganong brand is that it’s been a family business from the start. In fact, they are also the oldest chocolate and candy company in Canada and have been crafting chocolates in New Brunswick, since 1873. I love supporting Canadian businesses, and even more-so, women-led Canadian businesses. In 2014, Bryana Ganong, a 5th generation Ganong family member, became the CEO of this iconic chocolate brand. She is the first woman to have held this position, now how amazing is that?

Gifting Ideas

So this year, I’m super excited to be sharing the new Chocolatier and Delecto boxes with my family. I know they’ll be a hit with my family down south, who like me, love good quality chocolate. Be it milk or dark, filled with plump cherries, caramel or nuts, every bite is to be savoured.

Both Chocolatier and Delecto boxes are gifts on their own. The Chocolatier comes in a gorgeous keepsake box, filled with some of my favourite combinations, like sea salt caramels coated in luscious dark chocolate.  Their Delecto boxes come packed with so many fun flavours, my favourite being Milk Chocolate and Peanut Butter Clusters.

Before we leave on our trip, I’ll be gifting them to my friends alongside some homemade jam, granola, homemade spiced waffle mix and cava; the last item to ring in the new year of course!

This is my last post of the year and I hope your holidays, regardless of how you celebrate, are sweet, filled with family, or friends that feel like family, tons of laughter, and of course all the chocolate.

Warm hugs from my family to yours!


This post was made in collaboration with Ganong, however all views and opinions are my own.