what you want on wantfolio


what you want on wantfolio

Where do you find content that matters, that’s inspiring and current?

Nowadays we get a lot of info online. It’s our go to. From searching for recipes, fashion, health or articles that we often want to share with our friends. This is how I came across Wantfolio. A new platform where you can read, snap, save and share what you want.

I’ve been creating my own want boards that range from recipes, baking, travel, health, entertainment, art and home. Wantfolio has proven to be a great source for ideas. Lately I’ve been wanting to revamp my kitchen and this is where I’ve been finding most of my inspiration.

When it comes to cooking, baking and trying new recipes, I’ve turned to the Food 52 board and have found amazing content. A shrimp curry that I tried today (I spiced up the recipe by serving it with black rice) or just a few weeks ago Gaby and I made the easiest chocolate cake by Yossy Arefi, that we found trough her baking board on Want folio. The recipe took 20 minutes to put together and the cake didn’t see the next day!

What makes Wantfolio different is the quality of its content. You can search for your interests and you will find a whole variety of articles by different bloggers, foodies, and top magazines. All current, relevant and unique. If you are planing a trip soon, this is where you want to start reading (and making your travel board) about your next destination.

Search for Diala’s kitchen on want folio to see what I want!

Check the app and interviews with some of Toronto’s own below.